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Are We Crazy About Our Kids?

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Science shows that a child’s experiences during the early years are vital to building the foundation for future success – in school and in life. Now economists are studying the costs and benefits of high-quality early care and preschool. And they’re worried—not because we’re spending too much but because we’re investing too little where it matters most.

Are We Crazy About Our Kids? brings to life the classic studies of Perry Preschool, Abcedarian and other initiatives conducted by Nobel Laureate James Heckman, former Federal Reserve economist Arthur Rolnick and others demonstrating how high-quality early care and preschool yield huge personal and social benefits—and pay for themselves many times over.

The film also travels to Quebec which rolled out a novel jobs and anti-poverty program: they introduced universal early care and pre-K for $7 a day, along with expanded paid parental leave and other family supports. Quebec child poverty rates fell from the highest in Canada to the lowest.

Back here in the U.S., childcare remains largely haphazard, unregulated and unaffordable for most. In California, cemeteries are inspected more often than child care centers, while the cost of center-based childcare often runs more than $10,000 a year.

But pilot early education programs continue. A preschool initiative in Salt Lake City has closed the achievement gap between rich and poor, reversing a 30-year national trend.

High-quality childcare and preschool are just one part of the solution. But economists are clear about the equation: our system is paying for failure rather than investing for success.

The question is, What will we do about it? How crazy are we about our kids?

Studies and Websites


Camil Bouchard

Community Psychologist, Québec, Canada

Lyse Brunet

Avenir d’enfants

Alexi Chartrand

Father of Vladimir; Freelance media producer

Janis Dubno

Senior Policy Analyst, Voices for Utah Children

Robert Dugger

Economist and Investment Banker; Co-Founder, ReadyNation

Linda Hart

Teacher, Granite School District

James Heckman

Nobel Laureate, Economics, University of Chicago

Yolande James

Québec Minister of Families, 2010-2012

Christa Japel

Université du Québec à Montréal

Senator Wayne Niederhauser

Utah State Senate District 9

Senator Aaron Osmond

Utah State Senate District 10

Cheryl Polk

President, HighScope Educational Research Foundation

Arthur Rolnick

Former Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Brenda Van Gorder

Director of Preschool Services, Granite School District

Jason, Rey, Diego and Maria

5th grade students, Granite School District




James Rutenbeck

Executive Producers

Larry Adelman and Christine Herbes-Sommers

Supervising Producer

Wendy Riseborough

Associate Producers

Franziska Blome and Elizabeth Shea


P. Andrew Willis


Llewellyn Smith

Archival Researcher

Heather Merrill

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Bruce Aoki, Richard Chisolm, Tom Fahey, Mark Falstad, Dakin Henderson and Bill Kerrigan


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Production Coordinator, Montreal

Heidi Miller


Bill Politis


Maria Fierro


Leslie Strain


Brian Duffy, Doug Quade, Ace Salisbury

Sound Mix

Damon Addleman at MODULUS


Dakin Henderson

Series Associate Producer and Director of Public Engagement

Rachel Poulain

Series Creator and Executive Producer

Larry Adelman



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