High-Quality Childcare is a Top Military Priority

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Southern California. Child care workers set up center for the day.

NARRATOR: But one of America’s largest employers does receive federal funding to provide high quality, affordable childcare to its employees’ families. It regards that care as a top organizational priority.

Parents drop their children off at daycare center.

Major General Vincent Coglianese, USMC:

The most important thing to us is always that our families are taken care of. If our families are taken care of, there’s a sense of security out there that we don’t have to worry about ‘em and we can concentrate on the mission.

NAR: Here at Camp Pendleton, Marine families can send their children to high quality on-base child development centers. And not just at Camp Pendleton. The same is available to every branch of the military, to all military personnel regardless of rank.

Margaret Barikbin, parent (in scene):

Show daddy!

NAR: Here fees are based on a sliding scale.

Mehrdad Barikbin, parent:

We looked at everything from a nanny to a daycare out in town. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Our non-military friends, they’re amazed that we only pay what we pay.

Maria Langley, Director, Browne Child Development Center, Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base (to baby):

Hi Caleb...Hi Caleb! What is that?

NAR: Child care workers receive continuous training and here they are paid about 50% more than the national civilian median.


We also have our child assessment portfolio. And we communicate daily with our parents.

Maria Langley (in scene):

Are you guys all going down for naps?

NAR: All centers undergo regular surprise inspections. And most all are accredited. But it wasn’t always this way. In 1982, a scathing report found that military’s child care was among the worst in the nation. So in 1989, eighteen years after the CCDA would have become law for civilians, Congress passed the Military Child Care Act. Military childcare is now widely recognized as among the best in the nation.

Jodelice Rolon, parent (in scene):

Give me a kiss.

Jodelice Rolon:

I don’t know if I could transition them into a civilian CDC after being here. This is just—I don’t think anything can compare to the care you get here.

NAR: If we as a nation can support the families who protect our national security, why not our civilian workforce which protects our national prosperity—and their children who will advance our future health, equity and success?

Tamara Holloway, parent:

Big jump!

Jack, child:

I didn’t need your help!