The Squeeze on Parents

Parents and caregivers want to do right by their young children and provide the safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments all kids need to thrive.

For middle class parents, stagnant wages, long work hours, long commutes, job uncertainty, and the exhorbitant cost of high-quality child care, make a difficult role even more stressful.

Low-income parents have it tougher still: jobs that pay poverty level wages or less, the cost of housing forcing families into overcrowded and often noisy apartments or trailers, and for everyone—bills, bills, bills.

How are we the only rich nation lacking federal laws guaranteeing any paid parental leave, sick leave, or even paid vacations and holidays?

Paul Kershaw, founder of Canada’s Generation Squeeze, says that parents today are increasingly squeezed—squeezed for time, squeezed for money, squeezed for resources.

Science is finding that the growing stressors which parents and caregivers face can get under the skin and alter the developmental prospects of their young children. The articles and interactives in this section will allow you to explore some of the ways laws and policies, workplace practices, neighborhood conditions, and racial and economic structures affect our children and shape the nation’s future—for better and for worse.

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